Marianne Hynninen

Senior Business Advisor

Marianne’s experience includes positions on boards of directors, and as a CEO, sales director, business development director, and sourcing & logistics director.

That gives her a broad perspective of strategy, business development and sales.

Marianne has accumulated abundant experience of technical sectors in particular, such as telecoms, television and real estate technology.

Marianne’s academic qualifications include a Licentiate in Business Administration and an MSc in Industrial Economics.

Marianne spends her leisure time rambling, doing yoga and writing fiction.

In her role as BBI Group’s Senior Business Advisor, Marianne applies her experience to BBI customers’ board work, strategic management, strategy execution (for instance, for enhancing customer satisfaction), sales, and to boosting profitability.

Marianne’s contact details:

tel: +358 40 548 6195