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The New Year brings changes in BBI Group’s operations as 2020 passes into history

    The whole world has been buffeted by change as the coronavirus spreads, and now many companies are fighting to survive. There is always change, but this year it has been profound and sudden for all of us. There are changes in BBI Group’s operations also, although not because of the pandemic. As from 1 January 2021, Ippa Hertzberg steps in as BBI’s CEO to speed up the company’s growth and put wind in its sails. My personal change is that my five-year stint at Honkarakenne is now at its end. I will now concentrate on developing BBI Group as Board Chairman and, in the role of Senior Business Advisor, on helping BBI’s customers develop their own businesses. In the challenging situation created by the pandemic, I will offer my own expertise pro bono to five companies to help their businesses find a way forward.

    Returning to my roots

    I have been BBI Group’s CEO and Board Chairman simultaneously with being Development Director, and later VP Consumer Business, at Honkarakenne for five years now. I started at Honkarakenne in 2015 with an analysis of the company’s sales division, followed by many other interesting development tasks. I landed up being Vice President of Honkarakenne’s largest division. The results can be seen in the financial bulletins published by Honkarakenne, as required of a listed company. A fine story to add to my accumulated pool of useful experience. I also had an interesting role on the board of directors of PPT, a Finnish SME. Thank you, Seppo Hämäläinen, for your trust!

    Now I’m returning to my roots and I’ll concentrate on developing BBI’s operations as the company’s Board Chairman. I will, at the same time, be assisting BBI’s customers in the role of Senior Business Advisor. I also hope to find interesting positions on the boards of other companies. I believe that my 30 years’ experience in corporate sales, sales management, business management and strategy development has given me plenty of tools that I can put to good use in helping BBI Group’s customers in collaboration with other BBI consultants.

    New winds for BBI Group

    I will hand over my duties as BBI Group’s CEO to Ippa Hertzberg on 1 January 2021. Ippa is experienced in managing growth companies and I believe she will bring the expertise and energy needed to boost BBI’s expansion and development. I welcome Ippa to the helm of BBI Group!

    I would also like to thank all the other people who expressed interest in becoming BBI’s CEO. There were many applicants. Thank you all for taking an interest in BBI Group.

    I offer my expertise pro bono to help in the battle against coronavirus

    The coronavirus has brought many companies to their knees this last year, while also rewarding others. Change is the common factor in both cases. In order to produce a positive impact from the changes both BBI Group and I are currently navigating, and to combat the coronavirus, I am starting voluntary teamwork in which I personally contribute my experience and expertise to Finnish SMEs free of charge at development meetings to be held during spring 2021.

    If your company needs assistance in improving its board work or strategy, or in developing its management models, please contact me. I will select five companies with which to grapple with these challenges or to transform identified opportunities into profitable business. The development meetings will be arranged during January-April 2021. There will be 2-3 meetings per company, depending on circumstances. Other BBI professionals will attend the meetings when needed. We will only charge for any travelling costs incurred.

    Please see below for details on where to address enquiries or applications. Please use the following as the subject line of your message: Together for success in 2021

    A challenge to peer companies

    I also issue a challenge to peer companies in the business development sector to join this voluntary teamwork. If you want to participate in supporting Finnish SMEs, please notify either me or Ippa Hertzberg, BBI Group’s new CEO. Ippa’s contact details are available on BBI Group’s website. Your input could be the start of fruitful cooperation with BBI Group and the source of opportunities for profitable business in new customer relationships.

    Read more about BBI’s services and the BBI Team on our website:

    Wishing you a Prosperous New Year!

    Best regards,

    Jari Noppa
    BBI Group Ltd, Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Tel. +358 20 7350230
    Email: [email protected]