5 claims about sales

Systematic sales management

I have noticed that many people have an ad hoc approach to sales, managing them by instinct or hunches. Sometimes that is needed, but for the most part sales call for systematic and specialist work. In my experience, a sales strategy guided by the company’s strategy sets the course for sales that management wants. Carefully thought out and systematic processes enhance operational efficiency and ensure it is easy for a customer to buy. Processes enable the whole organisation to work in harmony, which in turn ensures customer satisfaction and a high customer retention rate.

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Why is board work worthwhile in a small company?

As a company grows, its interface with markets, customer, partners and society at large also grows. The resources of the company’s owner and management are not then sufficient on their own to manage the company and the organisation while still responding to the changes happening around it. One way to rectify the situation and support management and owner is to form a skilled board of directors. The need for a board also increases during a transition phase – for instance, during a change of generation or when recruiting a CEO from outside the company.

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Cash flow is king

Four reasons why it is absolutely essential to monitor cash flow

The cash flow statement is an important tool for every company – whether looking at growth, crisis, or future investment and business. Our Management Consultant, Sami M. Tolonen recommends reliable and timely monitoring and analysis of actual and projected cash flow by qualified people.

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