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Board work

Bold, skilled and value-adding support for board work

Small business owner – do you need assistance in forming a viable board of directors? Does your current board lack the necessary expertise, vision or experience?

CEO – does your company have a board that supports you in navigating the shoals of management successes and setbacks?

Don’t worry!

  • We analyse the workings of your board of directors
  • We help to make them more efficient and to create more value
  • We train, coach, support and guide.

We also supply ordinary members for your board of directors. We can provide your company with a board member who will bring added value to your board work by addressing your company’s development status.
The board professionals in our network have long experience of board work and are skilled in understanding the big picture and spotting development potential. At BBI Group we both coach in board work and supply ordinary board members.

Practical support from a board professional 
Our board professionals are useful when strategic changes are needed and when updating the owner strategy, expanding the business or ownership base, starting to export, arranging financing, making generational changes or divesting the business.

Effective cooperation between management and board
Over the long term your company’s success is based on the efficiency of its management and management process. In practical terms, this means the correct strategic choices and effective implementation of them. Continuous dialogue between the management and the board is essential for effective cooperation and strategic development. We can help you raise this cooperation to new heights.

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Bold, well-informed and value-adding support for board work.

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