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5 claims about sales

    Systematic sales management

    I have noticed that many people have an ad hoc approach to sales, managing them by instinct or hunches. Sometimes that is needed, but for the most part sales call for systematic and specialist work. In my experience, a sales strategy guided by the company’s strategy sets the course for sales that management wants. Carefully thought out and systematic processes enhance operational efficiency and ensure it is easy for a customer to buy. Processes enable the whole organisation to work in harmony, which in turn ensures customer satisfaction and a high customer retention rate.

    Claim 1: Sales strategy guides operation

    A sales strategy guided by the company’s overall strategy sets a direction for sales. Without one, valuable investments and time allocated to marketing and sales can be mistakenly directed to the wrong target group. A strategy also differentiates us from competitors by communicating how we are better than them. Generally speaking, though, being better than competitors in all respects is not a realistic ambition.

    The sales strategy should lead to actions that are executed and monitored systematically. The organisation promotes those aspects that managers pay attention to. That way, plans are transformed into actions.

    Claim 2: The customer wants it to be easy

    The easier purchasing is made for a customer, the more probable it is that the customer will buy something. Making it easy also includes ensuring the customer knows the benefits of the solution and has it delivered with a smile. If the value of the solution is described well enough and it has a unique value, price is no obstacle.

    Claim 3: A longstanding customer is most profitable

    Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than sales to an existing customer. To retain customer loyalty, customer satisfaction must be kept at a high level. It is well worth listening carefully to customers’ thoughts and wishes for the future. A satisfied customer is also more likely to buy even larger solutions. A satisfied customer is also a reference. Good references play an increasingly important role in selecting a supplier.

    Claim 4: It is best to follow a sales process

    The foundation for systematic operation is a sales process guided by a sales strategy, which enables a company to address a customer’s needs at different stages. Remember to chart a customer’s needs and ensure the details are correct in order to ensure a successful result.

    Claim 5: The salesperson is not king

    The whole organisation should work together towards a common goal. Other parts of the organisation should help sales, and thus also the customer, to succeed. Conversely, sales should help the whole organisation to succeed. Sales should share its information with the rest of the organisation so that customers receive what they want and need. All of us in an organisation are in a service profession.

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