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Interim Manager

Is it time to hire an Interim Manager?

Looking for an Interim Manager or an Interim Expert? You’ve found the right place! We will swiftly find you the right Interim Manager or Interim Specialist to meet your needs. You’ll soon notice the benefits of the Interim Manager model – rapid fruition of the project, quickly and with good results. BBI Interim will carefully select a manager or specialist that best meets the needs of your company. We provide consultancy services throughout the entire project. If necessary, you can call on all of BBI Group’s intellectual capital and top specialists in different areas. This powerful toolkit is available to our USP customers.

BBI Group has provided interim services for almost 20 years. We are experts in delivering key competencies.

Would you like to become part of the BBI Interim team?

We’re always looking for talent in our service areas, so take a look at our services to see which one would be right for you. Send us some information about yourself and tell us what skills you could offer our customers. We’ll contact you to tell you more about our operations. We may have interesting projects for you right away!

    BBI Interim – guaranteed quality

    Quality is the top priority in all our activities. At BBI we have a team of carefully selected professionals, all highly experienced in a wide range of sectors and fields. We guarantee quality in each and every assignment we undertake for each and every customer.


    How will your company benefit from hiring an Interim Manager?

    Hiring an Interim Manager has many advantages. In many cases it is a better option than recruiting a permanent employee, especially in unsettled and uncertain circumstances. If you would like more detailed information, visit the FAQ page on our website and read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


    After conducting an analysis of the situation with the customer, we present potential and available candidates within 10 days. An Interim Manager can set to work within two weeks from commission.


    An Interim Manager is experienced, an in-depth expert in his or her field, has a solid track-record in leadership and in successfully completing challenging projects.


    Setting objectives and working towards goals are typical methods for an Interim Manager. He or she is best judged by their previous commission. Always bear in mind that each customer is a new reference for an Interim Manager.

    Knowledge transfer

    Interim Managers transfer knowledge and knowhow in an experienced and effective way. They contribute their intellectual capital and, if needed, BBI Group’s complete toolkit to the client company.


    An Interim Manager does not get involved in “in-house politics”, but instead can focus exclusively on achieving the set targets.

    Cost efficiency

    An Interim Manager does not increase the company’s number of personnel or administrative expenses: the funding can be taken from the business development or marketing budget instead. Easy to budget.