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Coaching Services

Solution-based coaching is a brief therapy method that focuses on finding solutions using the customer’s own resources rather than concentrating on the problem. It is a minimalistic and pragmatic theory on positive change.

Our licensed coaches teach you to welcome change, help your teams to optimise teamwork or improve wellbeing at work. We also offer coaching to individuals in, for example, time management issues or career planning. The sky is the limit. We have ready made coaching packages, but we are happy to tailor the service to meet your needs.

How coaching can help?

  • Find ways to manage your own work and time better
  • Coaching for managers to find better ways to help their teams to achieve goals
  • Coaching for teams to make teamwork more efficient
  • Arbitration in conflict situations
  • Increase wellbeing at work
  • Solution focused development discussions bring your employees to a whole new level
  • Etc.

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