Helena Helenius-Lamminparras

Management Coach

Helena has worked in management positions in the training and education sector for many years. She has long experience of working as a principal in institutions for different levels of education in both small and large cities. The challenges of supervisory work and wellbeing at work are both close to her heart. Helena is a teacher, manager and licensed solutions-centred coach.

Helena holds two university degrees and also a specialist vocational qualification in management.

Studying alone does not produce a manager, though. Managers grow. Helena has learned and developed as a manager through multiple management training courses combined with many years of supervisory work. Through working as a coach in the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, Helena has become keen on supporting supervisory work and helping supervisors find from within themselves the resources needed for management.

In her free time, Helena is active in a wide range of sports and hobbies. She is also fond of literature, and likes travelling and getting to know different cultures. In BBI Group, Helena is a coach and a specialist in wellbeing at work.

Helena’s contact details:

tel: +358 50 331 3346
email: helena.helenius@bbi.fi