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Ippa Hertzberg

Leadership in Public Administration

email: [email protected]
tel: +358 40 833 0714

Ippa, winner of many awards, is a dynamic and inspiring growth driver and organization development manager.

Her experience and track record has been gained from numerous top management positions in multinational corporations, hands-on activities in the startup ecosystem, turn-around commissions and management consulting. Ippa’s strengths are her rapid and confident grasp of new situations, a passion for development, and her persistence in pursuing practical results.

As a consultant, Ippa has helped many companies’ management boards with sparring and strategy work and in modernising their procedures to achieve a more efficient, productive and profitable operating environment. Her core expertise encompasses business development, accounting & finance, sales & marketing development, and coaching.

Ippa has played a key role in the change management of many organisations. The coronavirus has forced companies to convert fine words about change management into practical actions. A change manager’s key skills are in perceiving what is changing and what will stay the same! What can be and must be done now?

Ippa has lived abroad for ten years of her life and has been closely involved in international activities for 20 years of her career. She has good language skills and has solid experience in international business operations in the Nordic countries, Europe, and the Middle East (GCC countries).

During her leisure time, Ippa enjoys being with family and friends. She appreciates spending time at her countryside cottage, loves home cooking and enjoys travel.

As a Leader in Public Administration of BBI Group Ippa will, on the one hand, manage the company’s daily operations and, on the other hand, apply her experience to helping BBI’s customers in developing their businesses, planning, and executing their strategies, and solving the challenges posed by change management.