Balanced Business Intelligence -services enable development of your company’s business models by refining the information collected from several systems into an easily interpretable form that supports both day-to-day operational and long-term strategic decision-making. BBI services allow essential data to be gathered from the mass of information available in both internal IT systems and external data sources. Our BBI services help to enhance and harmonize operating models and decision-making procedures.

BBI solutions consist of consultancy services, software, deployment, training and support.

BBI Business Intelligence service also creates a sound platform for the company to internalize the aims and benefits of such a development project undertaking.
BBI assists customers in all phases of defining operating models and deploying information systems – from the initial survey to final commissioning:

Subject Service Theme
Clarification of target state
Start-up workshop
Harmonisation of strategy
Definition of targets
TO BE – Analyse
Organisational readiness
Organisational capabilities
Technical capabilities
AS IS – Analyse
Defining projects and resource selection
Supliers selection
Solution selection
Gap Analyse – Implementation plan
Supporting during projects
Internal project management
Support for Steering group
Projects – Implementation
Ensuring continuity Governance model Daily work



In an environment of ever-changing resource needs, we offer our customers the first-rate skills of our Business Intelligence experts who operate under the customer’s or our partner’s direction. Customer needs may be an acute, short-term expertise requirement or a longer-term development project. Our experts are well familiar with Master Data Management (MDM), Data Warehousing (DW), Business Intelligence applications, general BI architecture and project management.

Our Partner BRO service allows our customers to offer their own expert services to others through our network of partners. This allows temporarily underutilized experts to become productive.


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